Tools & resources for more authentic stories.

We help journalists improve their coverage of mis- and under-represented communities and build trust with their audiences through precise, human-centered language and respectful, equitable news frames.


Examine how journalists’ word choices and news frames impact their communities with virtual training and resources.

Text Analysis Tool (Beta)

Get real time guidance on human-centered language based on your community’s preferences — while you’re writing.

Community Panels

Gather with audiences for discussion and recommendations of community-informed style and language standards.

Source Analysis

Learn whose voices are speaking loudest in your journalism to ensure coverage that truly reflects your community.

Breaking News Guides

Discover language and style guidance on the news topics of the day, from COVID-19 to elections coverage.


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Our Philosophy

At Reframe, we seek to increase the understanding and adoption of humanizing language in the news, help journalists address underlying causes of harmful language and news frames, and establish community feedback loops about these issues. That’s because we believe:
  • All communities and individuals deserve authentic and fair representation in the news
  • Accurate language has the power to create narrative change and build trust 
  • Journalists should use their words to heal, not harm

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