About Reframe

Reframe is an initiative of Resolve Philly that helps journalists improve the accuracy and authenticity of their coverage of mis- and under-represented individuals and communities and thus build trust with their audiences through precise, human-centered language and respectful, equitable news frames. We’re developing a set of tools and resources that will help newsrooms do this throughout the editorial process.

Why this, why now?

There are plenty of style guides out there — from the AP Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style to the Conscious Style Guide and the Diversity Style Guide — that aim to direct journalists to the most accurate, clear writing they can employ.

Yet historically marginalized communities continue to feel like they’re inaccurately depicted in the media, and language that promotes stereotypes, erases nuance, or highlights implicit bias is all too common in the news.

We believe that by creating tools to operationalizing best practices around language and framing and ensuring those practices are informed by the communities they seek to serve, we can help newsrooms improve trust with their audiences.

How can I get involved?

If you are a newsroom or journalist that wants to test our tools please contact us here or email Reframe Editor Aubrey Nagle at aubrey@resolvephilly.org.

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