Reframe Your Newsroom

The Reframe team wants to help your newsroom improve its coverage and build trust with your community. Whether you’re a local digital start-up or a legacy newspaper, we have solutions for every stage of the editorial process to help you increase the accuracy and authenticity of your reporting through precise, human-centered language and respectful, equitable news frames. Our offerings include:

Language & Framing Workshop

An interactive training session and educational resources for newsrooms that examine how journalists’ word choices and news frames impact their communities.

Source Auditing

A protocol for newsrooms to easily keep track of who is speaking for their communities and analysis of the results, which can point the way towards more equitable and accurate representation.

Community Standards Panels

Organized groups of community members who meet regularly with editorial leadership of partner newsrooms to discuss coverage concerns and provide feedback used in our language analysis tool.

Community Feedback

Using survey tools including SMS platform Reach, community members provide feedback about language and frames used in local news to inform newsroom practices.

Text Analysis Tool

A real-time text analysis tool, via browser extension, that provides best practices, crowd-sourced suggestions, and background information on problematic terms.

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