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The Reframe team wants to help your newsroom improve its coverage and build trust with your community. Whether you’re a local digital start-up or a legacy newspaper, we have solutions for every stage of the editorial process to help you increase the accuracy and authenticity of your reporting through precise, human-centered language and respectful, equitable news frames.

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Bring your team together to learn how editorial choices build into narratives that shape, and are shaped by, our communities. We lead interactive workshops (virtual or in person when safe) for newsrooms of all shapes and sizes, and we can customize our flagship workshop to include instruction around content areas like economic mobility, elections, protest and social justice, and more.

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Source Tracking

Diversifying the voices amplified in our reporting and sharing power with those featured in our work is a key means of building trust between journalists and their communities. We’re testing a protocol for source tracking in newsrooms that can meet these goals by educating journalists on how to collect data during interviews, creating easy-to-use data management systems, and working with newsroom leadership to determine and measure their objectives.

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Content Analysis

What stories do your stories tell? At Reframe, we believe that an important part of ensuring journalism serves our communities is taking a step back to analyze the metanarratives present in our reporting. Is your newsroom seeking to learn more about its reportage, from the framing and language used, to the people and communities covered? We want to help you dig into these thorny conversations and come out with a roadmap to better journalism.

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