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Aubrey Nagle, Editor

Aubrey is obsessed with helping people understand the news and helping the news understand people. In her work with Resolve and as the editor of Reframe, she connects newsrooms with their constituents in ways that inspire more equitable and accurate representation and creates tools and resources that help them use more inclusive, human-centered language in their reporting. Before joining Resolve, Aubrey was the Newsletter Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer and also wrote educational videos and newsletters about media literacy, including three series for John and Hank Green’s Crash Course brand.

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John Hernandez, Senior Editorial Associate

John Hernandez never thought he could be a journalist. So now that he’s made it, he devotes himself to pushing journalism in a more equitable, diverse and community-centered direction that invites others like him to do this work.  He has benefitted from experiences that shaped his perspective on media and raised his expectations for journalism — from working as a retail store clerk in Midtown Manhattan to cutting down trees and building houses as an AmeriCorps member in Austin, Texas. After graduating from Texas State University with his journalism degree, he began his reporting career at APM Reports and Minnesota Public Radio. But the rampant internal issues within journalism became too hard to ignore, and he moved into journalism support to pressure newsrooms all over the country to do better. He came to Resolve after a stint at the American Press Institute, where he supported and co-managed collaborative projects.

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