Do you live in the Philadelphia region and care about how local news represents your community? Here’s how you can get involved in Reframe right now.

Help Newsrooms Describe Your Communities and Identities

Reframe is working with Philadelphia-based newsrooms to improve the use of authentic, humanizing language. But we need your help! Fill out the survey below, and your opinions on the words we use to describe ourselves will contribute to suggestions shown to journalists using our Text Analysis Tool.

Coming Soon: Apply to Join the Community Standards Panel

Reframe seeks community members to meet with news leaders and discuss news, media narratives, and language. We recognize that media outlets are typically much less diverse than the regions they seek to serve, so with our Community Standards Panels, we seek to purposefully overcompensate for this imbalance by highlighting perspectives not often seen in the mainstream media. We are seeking people with a range of personal and professional experiences, backgrounds, and identities. We believe everyone is an expert in their life story.

What You’ll Do

  • Attend 4 monthly, 60-90 minute virtual meetings with local news editors to discuss language, narratives, and the news
  • Participate in a few surveys about your discussions
  • Gain insight into the news making process and deepen relationships with news leaders
  • Contribute to an initiative that aims to change how journalists work around the country

Who You Are

  • You have access to a phone and/or an internet-connected device so you may receive updates and join virtual discussions by video or voice
  • You consume local and national news media and enjoy discussing the events of the day
  • You are excited to brainstorm solutions in constructive conversations with people of different backgrounds
We will soon be accepting applications for a Philadelphia-based panel. Sign up for our newsletter to learn when applications open.


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