Resound is a new project that will collect the testimonies of community members who are underrepresented, misrepresented or harmed by standard journalistic practice. We seek to center these community voices as part of Reframe’s mission to emphasize community-informed, humanizing language and news frames. Resound will build a case for change by amplifying these community narratives to make newsrooms reconsider the impact of their language while also continuing to build trust between news organizations and the communities they cover. This project is in its early stages of development, so stay tuned to this page or our newsletter for more developments. You can also email John, Reframe’s senior editorial associate, if you’re interested in chatting.

Indigenous Communities Coverage Cohort

The project outlined below will be a part of Resound’s development, so please apply if you’re a newsroom that is interested in supporting your coverage of Indigenous communities.

Applications for the Indigenous Communities Coverage Cohort have closed. Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter, Freeze Frame, for updates.

As part of our mission to help journalists accurately report on misrepresented and underserved communities, Reframe will lead a small cohort of newsrooms in a knowledge-sharing project this winter and spring. We are seeking six newsrooms, at least two of them based in Canada and two in the U.S., to join this cohort and support one another in their coverage of Indigenous communities.

Newsrooms of all kinds are invited to apply, but we will give special preference to Indigenous-led newsrooms and those that are not Indigenous-led but have a pre-existing beat or channel for covering indigenous communities because they will be in the best position to learn from each others’ strategies and techniques with additional support from Reframe and two coaches.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Each newsroom will receive a $2,500 USD grant to support their participation in the program over the course of six months.
  • Newsroom representatives will participate in a virtual Reframe workshop to learn how editorial choices build into narratives that shape and are shaped by our communities and how to close gaps between the intent of our messages and their impact.
  • The newsrooms will meet at least four times during the six-month project period to join facilitated conversations on language and framing and to discuss challenges and successes within their coverage.
  • The Reframe team will seek to connect with subjects of participating newsrooms’ coverage to lend their testimonies to a new project, Resound, which will highlight how community members experience the news. 
  • At the end of the project period, Reframe, the coaches and representatives from each newsroom will organize and participate in a virtual event to discuss the process and lessons learned from the project.