Help Us Improve Coverage of People Experiencing Homelessness, Incarceration, and Substance Use

Published April 2022

Reframe has teamed up with the Center for Media Engagement at University of Texas at Austin to conduct new research on word choice in the news. And we need your help!

The Reframe team believes journalism should capture rich stories about people with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Sometimes, the news falls short of this goal, especially for groups who have long been misrepresented or ignored. That’s why we are conducting a short survey that we hope can help journalists use more inclusive, humanizing language when reporting on homelessness, incarceration, substance use, and other important issues and change the narratives around these populations for the better.

The survey won’t take more than 5-8 minutes and everyone’s answers will be kept confidential. As a token of our appreciation, each survey respondent receives a $5 gift card. The survey will remain open until we receive approximately 600 responses.